The core Islamic values represent the cornerstone in Arrowad Group commitment to ethical business practices and consumer service. Every member institute, subsidiary, office, company, and individual affiliated with Arrowad Group abide by these values in words and actions. Members of Arrowad Group are responsible for their commitment to the following core values:


Commitment to Islamic rules and avoiding any conduct that might offend other religions


Justice, equal opportunity, and fair competition in all aspects when dealing with internal and external institutions or individuals.


Continuous acquisition of skill and knowledge leading to the highest level of professional development.


Individuals at all levels must maintain honesty, transparency, social responsibility and mutual respect.


Individuals at all levels must avoid situations leading to conflict of interest, inappropriate use of resources, and any form of suspicious acts that might harm others.


Balanced relationships between Arrowad Group affiliates with mutual trust, respect, and dignity.


The confidentiality of the institution and individuals information must be maintained at all times.