Arrowad Consulting Services

Arrowad Group has a long history of providing consulting services to private and public institutions in the Kingdom and abroad. These services include:
  • Public opinion surveys.
  • Descriptive and analytic studies.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Kaizen Consulting services.
  • Institutional Perfrornamce Assessment and Improvement services.
  • Kaizen Consulting services.
  • Institutional Performance Assessment and Improvement Services.
  • Administrative Planning and Development Services.
  • Qualification and Accreditation Services for Educational and Training Institutes.

Arrowad Strategic Planning Approach

fadeArrowad Strategic Planning Approach

Arrowad Research Model

fadeArrowad Research Model

Kaizen Consulting Services

Arrowad Group and Kaizen Institute inaugurated Kaizen activities in Saudi Arabia under an exclusive agreement with Arrowad Group.

Kaizen consultants are experienced hands-on practitioners and coaches. They assist clients by rapidly putting ideas into action. Breakthrough results are achieved using a variety of learning-by-doing methods including kaizen events, value stream design workshops and professionally managed Lean projects. The Kaizen focus is on "helping you to help yourself" through knowledge transfer. We empower your people to implement improvements themselves, while working with leaders to build systems to sustain continuous improvement culture.

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