Arrowad for Higher Education
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  • Arrowad for Higher Education

    Arrowad for Higher Education has been established as an umbrella for Arrowad's higher education activities. These activities fall into three main areas: post-secondary school education, research, and community service.

    Establishing this company came as a step forward aligned with Vision 2030 as well as the Saudi National Transformation Program. In this ambitious vision, the education sector is expected to receive a remarkable public-to-private shift.

    Currently the government supports 94% of the high school graduates in their pursuit of university education. According to Aafaq plan of the Ministry of Education and based on the current trends, this percentage will be lowered to 75%. The remaining 25% will be supported through alternative programs such as the internal scholarships programs. Arrowad Group was among the developers of Aafaq 2029 for higher education.

    Arrowad for Higher Education was established with this vision in mind.

  • Arrowad Colleges

    Arrowad obtained the approval of the Ministry of Education to establish three colleges offering bachelor's degrees in 9 majors.

    The project objectives are aligned with the Kingdom’s strategy to expand and develop the higher education system. It will not be just another higher education institution; rather we will build on our 3 decades history of success in education to establish state-of-the-art colleges in Engineering, Law and Business.


    Arrowad Colleges will be the scientific pinnacle to offer distinct, high quality, and competitive services that integrate education with all aspects of academic work, research and social responsibility.


    The Colleges mission manifests itself in providing all that is needed to support the academic work and scientific research in order to realize its vision by raising the efficiency of the educational outcomes; localizing knowledge; stimulating research; providing modern and technology-enabled academic programs; contributing to the development and dissemination of knowledge; linking education and scientific research with the local environment; playing a leading role in social responsibility; and spreading the spirit of cooperation, tolerance and belonging.


    1. Promote Islamic values.
    2. Contribute to the advancement of science and technology.
    3. Improve the quality of education.
    4. Widen the capacity of the Saudi educational system.
    5. Qualify Saudis for the job market.
    6. Transfer and localize knowledge.
    7. Support scientific research.
    8. Promote social responsibility.
    9. Instill entrepreneurial spirit, self-learning and lifelong learning.
    10. Excellence in teaching, scientific research and community service.
    11. Open channels of communication with industrial and service organizations as well as local and international associations to strengthen cooperation in various scientific and professional fields.

    Programs of Study

    Arrowad Colleges will start with three colleges offering bachelor's degrees in 9 majors as shown below. More colleges and programs at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels will come few years after the start of operation as per the strategic plan.
    • College of Engineering: Bachelor of Science in
      1. Civil Engineering
      2. Architectural Engineering
      3. Data Science
    • College of Business Administration: Bachelor of Science in
      1. Islamic Banking and Finance
      2. Marketing
      3. Digital Marketing
      4. Management Information Systems
      5. Business Intelligence
    • College of Law: Bachelor of Arts in
      1. Commercial Law
      2. Civil Law
      3. Foreign Investment Law
    • P.O.Box 90987, Riyadh 11623
    • Google maps
    • +966112495943
    • +966112030598
    • 920004248
    • 920004249
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.