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The Arrowad Group is a specialized investment group with a focus on human development and the achievement of sustainable self and institutional development. Founded and chaired by Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Khalaf since 1410 H, the group's establishment also involved the participation of Dr. Saad bin Ibrahim Al-Khalaf.

The Arrowad Group views human development as the cornerstone of national development and one of the vital pillars for cultural advancement. It sees it to enhance productivity, improve and elevate the performance efficiency of the creative human element. Consequently, the group has directed its activities towards establishing, developing, and managing consulting and training institutions, providing institutional and community development services.

Headquartered in Riyadh, the group has branches in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as in some Arab countries and the United Kingdom.

We work on preparing individuals ethically, scientifically, practically, and skillfully, enabling them to fulfill their responsibilities and serve themselves and their nation. We also aim to enhance the managerial, technical, and media competence of government and private institutions, as well as civil society organizations. We seek to provide a developmental environment characterized by freedom and creativity. Our goal is to offer a sincere and genuine model of professional consultancy services, following a scientific approach characterized by inclusiveness and clarity, to achieve the aspirations of individuals and institutions.

The integrated knowledge approach followed by Arrowad Group means translating the vision into action. We use a multi-disciplinary consulting model to design and deliver integrated services and products that can make a real difference for our partners and clients. We take responsibility, not solely driven by profit, as mutual success is our true goal.

To be leaders in comprehensive development in building the individual, an active partner for community institutions to enhance their competence, and a house of expertise sought by those aspiring for leadership.


Sustaining learning and enriching employees with modern knowledge,

  • intellectual openness, and engagement with thinkers, scientists, and experts. We seek to benefit from their experiences, turning difficulties and challenges into fruitful experiences.


In our pursuit of benefiting people and leadership, we emphasize

  • the seriousness and independence of ideas, their uniqueness, and reliance on steadfast principles. We base our approach on solid knowledge, practice it with clear rules and standards, aligning with societal needs and the nature of knowledge acceleration.


We do not only seek success, as it is available to anyone who works

  • but we strive to achieve new and continuous successes. We aim to accomplish this by generating new, pioneering, and unique knowledge, transforming it into practical applications. We look forward to the future, engage with emerging trends, and embrace an innovative spirit, making us an inspiring model in success and creativity.


We provide our services and products according to the specifications

  • we declare, qualifying us to be relied upon.

Benefiting People

Producing beneficial knowledge, providing useful

  • services and working to achieve the interests of our partners whom we serve. We go beyond this to create greater added value for the benefit of both society and our dedicated team.

Arrowad Team

The Arrowad Group takes pride in its elite workforce, which has established its methodology, developed its performance, and enhanced its competitiveness through their active participation in its journey and their direct contribution to its success. The Arrowad team comprises over a thousand (1,000) highly qualified employees.

Supported by a team of consultants and experts, and a fully integrated staff of collaborators and success partners in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as some international experts working within an integrated system with the group's companies.


Accumulated Experiences

Since 1409 H - 1990 AD, Arrowad has accumulated knowledge and experiences, making it a distinguished house of expertise.



We prioritize the human element as the cornerstone in building institutions and organizations that possess competence and effectiveness.


Successful Projects

Multiple success stories have made Arrowad one of the largest Saudi partnerships in knowledge and consulting.

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