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Building a Quality System in Private Education

We have executed this project for the Ministry of Education to enhance the quality of education and its outcomes in the private education sector. The project produced a national quality assurance system to uplift the quality of education in private schools, as it is based on a strategy to develop and create an educational environment that aligns with the learning requirements of the 21st century. Numerous workshops, field visits, and studies were conducted to build a quality assurance system in private education, providing the following:

  • A database and information on quality assurance practices in private schools in the Kingdom for strategic planning, school classification based on practices at the school or educational administration level, addressing weaknesses, specifying improvement areas, and developing strengths.
  • Data and reports for those responsible for education development regarding the outputs of private schools and the services provided to stakeholders, as well as the quality level of education in the offered programs.
  • Activating accountability and achieving the mission of the Ministry of Education to provide educational opportunities for all in a suitable learning environment. This is done considering the educational policies of the Kingdom, raising the quality of its outcomes, encouraging creativity and innovation, and enhancing the skills and capabilities of education staff.
  • Incorporating best global practices and methodologies, covering all stages of general education, linking quality to all key supporting activities and practices, focusing on performance excellence and output quality, supporting control for continuous improvement, and continuously reviewing and updating system components, objective and comprehensive evaluation, ease of application, low cost, stakeholder engagement in implementation.
  • CLIENT Ministry of Education
  • YEAR 2017-2018
  • WE DID Enhancing the Quality of Private Education
  • PARTNERS Education Development Holding Company
  • PROMOTEEducational Quality
  • ACHIEVEExcellence and Continuous Improvement
  • DELIVERTraining Programs and Workshops
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