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Our History

The Arrawad Group is a specialized investment group focused on human development to achieve sustainable individual and institutional development. Its mission is the production, transfer, and dissemination of knowledge for human development, considering it as a cornerstone in national development, one of the vital pillars for cultural advancement, and a means to enhance productivity and elevate performance efficiency. Therefore, the Al-Rawad Group has directed its activities towards establishing, developing, and managing consulting and training institutions to provide individual, institutional, and community development services. Headquartered in Riyadh, it has branches in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as in some Arab countries and the United Kingdom."

We started as educational experts, and we are proud of it.

Arrowad Schools

The Arrawad Group established the renowned Arrawad Schools in Riyadh, and within less than five years, the school achieved numerous success stories at the local, regional, and international levels.


Arrowad Education Company

The Arrawad Group built a brand in the field of education within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, and the United Kingdom.


Multi-Specialty Consultancy

The Arrawad Group expanded its activities to include multi-specialty consultancy services. In a few short years, the group succeeded in implementing significant projects in the fields of e-government, customer experience, enterprise engineering, Kaizen, institutional excellence, change management, workplace improvement, social sciences, and institutional values.


Higher Education

Arrowad University will be a prominent landmark in the history of Arrawad. The continuous efforts to establish this unique higher education institution will lead to a pinnacle of academic excellence providing distinctive, high-quality, and competitive services integrating education with all aspects of multidisciplinary research. Arrawad University will not merely be a higher education institution. Instead, we will enhance our successful history in education and consulting by creating modern and distinguished colleges in engineering, law, business, educational services, and consulting with a unique approach.


Integrated Institutional System

Today, we are a multi-specialty consultancy company consisting of an integrated system of independent institutions actively operating in the fields of e-government, customer experience, institutional infrastructure, Kaizen, institutional excellence, quality management, institutional values, social sciences, social investment, information technology, and continuous partnerships with numerous international entities and organizations.

Today, we are a multi-specialty consultancy company.
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