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Reengineering of Government Services

The Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning aims at achieving important V2030 goals related to improving the quality of public services provided to individual beneficiaries. Arrowad Group is working with partners to analyze and improve 10 journeys, then use the outcome to establish a fully functional world-class CX program, that will enable the client to conduct journey-specific research in digital/offline environments, and take action to drive change within public service provision.

The project includes developing a new methodology for reengineering government services in ten customer journeys. The project phases include the following:

  • Developing criteria for selecting the targeted journey that has ample areas of possible improvement.
  • Documenting the present state of the customer journeys via journey mapping and workshops with the relevant authorities and beneficiaries.
  • Determining the list of journeys targeted for improvement, which must have a direct impact on the quality of public service provision.
  • Defining the future state of these journeys including the scope of improvements in each journey.
  • Implementing the improvements and determining their impact on the quality of public service provision.
  • Disseminating the results for the benefit of establishing the Customer Experience Program.
  • Building local capacities in all participating government agencies.
  • CLIENT Ministry of Economy & Planning
  • YEAR 2021
  • WE DID CX improvement
  • PARTNERS Underlined, Milkymap, Wilms & Forrester
  • SUPPORTContinuous improvement of public services
  • IMPROVEPublic service maturity level
  • ENABLEVoice of the customer program
  • DESIGNBeneficiary satisfaction assessment
  • BUILDJourney mapping competencies
  • DESIGNCX maturity assessment framework
  • TAGS
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