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The Founder of Arrowad Group and its Chairman of the Board

Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Khalaf has worked in education for more than forty years, including ten years in the Ministry of Education. He then founded the Al-Rawad International and Private Schools, introducing unique models in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, and the United Kingdom. He also established the Arrowad Group, comprising several companies in the fields of education, consultancy, training, and information technology. Currently, he is working on the completion of the Arrowad University project, which includes three colleges: Management, Law, and Engineering.

He has actively participated in numerous educational conferences both within and outside the Kingdom, chaired the National Committee for Private Education in its first session, and is a member of several charitable and educational associations.


The co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arrowad Group.

Dr.Saad Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalaf, The co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arrowad Group.
A former faculty member at King Saud University, a former board member in several civil society institutions, holder of a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, he has founded more than ten companies in the knowledge domain. He led several teams that conducted a variety of national and regional studies and surveys. He presented numerous papers at conferences and forums both within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Board of Directors Members

Dr. Abdel-Elah Al-Ayyoub

Assistant to the Vice President, Deputy Head of the Founding Committee for Arrowad University

A professor in Information Technology, worked as a consultant for UNESCO, recipient of three major awards, and has published over sixty research papers in scientific journals. With over twenty years of experience in academic and .technical environments

Mr.Abdullah Al-Juriwi

Project Manager and Development Consultant at Arrowad Group


He has extensive practical experience over twenty years in educational management, served as an educational training supervisor and accredited trainer for several training programs. He worked as the head of studies and scholarships at the General Directorate of Education and Training in Riyadh, served as a consultant to the Ministry of Education, and led the Quality Team for reengineering procedural operations at the Ministry of Labor. He holds a bachelor's degree and a diploma in total .quality management in education

Mr.Ibrahim Al-Shalan

Legal Consultant


Lawyer and legal consultant, an expert in commercial justice, specializing in building the legal structure for companies of all types, a certified and licensed notary from the Ministry of Justice. He worked as a member of the Arab Arbitration Center and the Commercial Arbitration Center in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. He holds a bachelor's degree in Sharia from Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University and a master's degree in international law from the United States

Dr.Haidar Zaza

The supervisor of the regional office for Arrowad Group in Jordan, and the scientific advisor for the group

Holds a Ph.D. in Measurement and Evaluation. He has worked as a consultant for several projects at both local and Arab levels for the Arrowad Group. He has participated in numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops at local, Arab, and international levels. He has served as a rapporteur and a member of various university and specialized committees, as well as committees for national institutions. He has published .more than 14 research papers

Dr.Ahmad Al-Mliki

Advisor for Arrowad Group for Value Building

Holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, a certified trainer, with extensive experience in preparing scientific and research studies in various fields. Participated in the implementation of several consulting studies and scientific research for the benefit of the group

Mr.Moutasem Al-Daour

Administrative Consultant

He has 35 years of experience in establishing, developing, and managing factories. He supports the Arrowad Group with his extensive expertise in the industrial and service sectors. He founded and manages a precision industries company and is a member of the board of directors .of Beta Holding in Dubai

Dr.Adel Al-Hassan

Financial Director

Ph.D. in Accounting with 35 years of experience in financial analysis, project evaluation, development of financial and administrative systems, and human resource systems for companies. Expertise in accounting supervision and internal financial auditing, both .within and outside the Kingdom

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