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Configuring the Value System

The process of configuring the organizational value system is akin to laying the foundation stone, for if it is shaky and weak, it cannot empower the organization to achieve its vision and goals, nor will it support the sustainability of the institution, for this foundation to be strong, it requires time and sufficient effort, guided by a scientific methodology and procedural evidence that directs the configuration process.

23 Dhu al-Qa'dah 1444, corresponding to June 12, 2023.

Article Series on Values (Article 1: Fundamental Organizational Values)

When I asked the leader of one of the institutions we began working with to empower the values of his institution to provide me with the strategic objectives of the institution, he handed them to me and then said, "Our strategic objectives and our values are formulated by a reputable global consulting firm (The Big Four), and there is no need for you to review them." I responded, "The goal is not to review them but to align them with the values of your institution, and you are the ones to decide on their future development." We applied the Goals and Values Matrix tool to identify intersections and the level of the relationship as a percentage between the institution's goals and its values, as shown in the following virtual matrix:

Configuring the Value System as The Building

As you can see, we did not find a strong relationship between the institution's values and its strategic objectives, except in limited intersections. I went back to him and presented the matrix, and he reiterated that their strategic objectives were formulated correctly, and it would not be logical to modify them, I responded that this might be true, but what can be adjusted is the value system to align with your strategic objectives, this means that their institution's value system was not formed in a way that supports the strategic objectives of the institution, which is one of the essential foundations for configuring the system. The harmony of the value system with the strategic objectives of the institution, which achieves its vision, is one of the most important characteristics of a good system, other characteristics include:

  • Compatibility with the type of the institution's activities.
  • Suitability for the nature of most of the work team.
  • Consistency with the local and general context.

A good value system aligns with the institution's


The process of configuring the system is not just the selection of values but includes other sub-processes, such as:

    • Anticipating leadership opinions.
    • Examining and reviewing the plan and strategic objectives.
    • Involving all stakeholders in its configuration.
    • Analysing the general context of the institution.
    • Issuing the value system.

The process of configuring the value system requires multiple processes and meticulous effort.

  • Defining values procedurally to align with the institution's activities.
  • Building system documents, including:
  • Values Document.
  • Code of Conduct.
  • Partnership Charter.

Dr.Sa’ad Ibrahim

Founding Partner & VP, Arrowad Group,

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