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Establishing an Organizational Excellence System

We have executed multiple projects for the National Housing Company covering the following scope:

  • Empowering the Operational Excellence Management to expand its scope to cover all sectors of the National Housing Company.
  • Elevating the maturity level of operational processes in all sectors of the National Housing Company.
  • Developing a framework for the Operational Performance Management System for all operations and procedures of the National Housing Company.
  • Aligning the company’s objectives with its operational processes to support the achievement of the company’s strategic goals and vision, ensuring increased stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Evaluating workforce planning necessary for the execution of the company’s core and sub-processes and activities.
  • Engineering company processes at the medium level (third/sub-processes and below) to be simplified, standardized, measured, free of unnecessary elements, automated, and customer-centric (processes designed with the customer as the focal point).

The scope of work included benchmarking with local and international entities, enhancing the relationship between the National Housing Company and its subsidiaries, training and guiding teams and leaders on continuous improvement, waste elimination, standard work for leaders, and problem-solving methods.

  • CLIENT National Housing Company
  • YEAR 2019-2022
  • WE DID Operational Excellence
  • ANALYZEGaps in operational aspects
  • DesigningThe organizational structure for operational excellence
  • IMPROVEThe OE's operational model
  • DEVELOPManual of procedures and policies
  • PREPAREAction plan to expand the DOEP's SoW
  • EXECUTEAwareness campaign & training workshops
  • DELIVERSpecialized Kaizen training courses
  • SPREADThe culture of operational excellence
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