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Professional Expert in Values for Educators

We conducted this project for the association of Makarim Al-Akhlaq. This project aims to prepare specialists in the field of educational values ​​to contribute in finding specialized jobs for young individuals in numerous positions for social and educational institutions.

Moreover, preparing and qualifying national expertise as well as capable leaders who lead the process of construction, development, and change for the better in society. In addition to providing quality accredited programs in professional qualification, development, and career growth. Furthermore, raising the level of excellence in ethical and value-educational initiatives.

This project provides 195 training hours according to the three levels of the professional expert in values ​​program for educators: the Practitioner’s Certificate in Values, the Certificate in the Specialist in Values, and the Certificate in the Expert in Values. In addition to preparing the following training curricula:

  • Curriculum for the embodiment of educational values.
  • Curriculum of initiatives and programs in educational values.
  • Cultural and social marketing curriculum in values.
  • Curriculum guidance in values.
  • Curriculum for empowering values ​​through training.
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID Qualifying Values Experts
  • SUPPORTyoung individuals in finding jobs
  • DELIVER195 training hours in the values program
  • IMPROVElevel of excellence in value-educational initiatives