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Public Service Improvement

The Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning aims to achieving important goals in Vision 2030, regarding improving the quality of public services provided to individuals. The Innovators Group collaborates with various partners to analyse and enhance 10 customer journeys, using the results to create a world-class customer experience program, which enables customers to conduct tailored journey research in digital or offline environments and take actions to drive change in public service delivery.

The project involves developing a new methodology for reengineering government services in ten customer journeys, including the following stages:


  • Developing criteria for selecting the target journey containing broad areas for possible improvement.

  • Documenting the current state of customer journeys through journey mapping and workshops with stakeholders and beneficiaries.

  • Identifying the targeted journeys for improvement, which should have a direct impact on the quality of public service delivery.

  • Defining the future state of these journeys, including the scope of improvements in each journey.

  • Implementing improvements and determining their impact on the quality of public service delivery.

  • Publishing results to create a customer experience program.

  • Building local capabilities in all participating government entities.
  • CLIENT Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning
  • YEAR 2021
  • WE DID Customer Experience Improvement
  • PARTNERS Underlined, Milkymap, Wilms & Forrester
  • SupportingContinuous Improvement of Public Services
  • ImprovingMaturity Level of Public Services
  • EmpoweringCustomer Voice Program
  • DesigningBeneficiary Satisfaction Assessment
  • BuildingCompetencies in Customer Journey Mapping
  • DesigningCustomer Experience Maturity Assessment Framework
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