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Establishing the Saudi Impact Investment Fund

This is a substantial project for establishing the Saudi Social Return on Investment Fund (SSROIF). The purpose of SSROIF is to create investment and financing packages and models with social impact. The project scope includes governance of SSROIF, its strategy, operating services, initiative office, accelerators, SROI assessment frameworks, bridging processes, knowledge transfer and capacity building, awareness campaigns for beneficiaries, SSROIF platform, work procedures, guides and forms, automation, visual identity, and authentic training content in social impact investing.

  • Establishing the Saudi Social Return on Investment Fund (SSROIF) with all its material and non-material requirements and strengthening it with capable competencies.
  • Building awareness in the government sector, the third sector, the financial sector, and society, to create and accelerate the impact investment market, and to achieve success stories that accelerate the pace of its prosperity.
  • Building the capacities of associations, companies, and entities wishing to invest in social impact, providing enablers, building opportunities, and governing the social investment market.
  • Building accelerators and qualifying capabilities in the field of social entrepreneurship.
  • Building an IT platform to automate the SSROIF procedures to create a digitized, paperless work environment, and provide an emotional, easy and effective journey for all segments of beneficiaries.
  • Empowering workers in the field of social investment, localizing the knowledge in investment with a social impact, and sustaining its dissemination in the long term in line with Vision 2030.
  • Building a framework and methodology for measuring the social impact of investments.
  • CLIENT Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
  • YEAR 2021-2024
  • WE DID Impact Investment
  • PARTNERS Rakeen, Arwiqah, and International Partners
  • TAGS