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Content Development

We are a company specialized in scientific content development for training programs having completed over 600 training materials in five years. Our scope has expanded to include the development of English-language educational curricula for international schools, adhering to both British and American international standards.


Jad Scientific Publishing has entered into a strategic agreement with Marshall Cavendish to build educational content and publish the three main core curricula: Mathematics, Science, and English, for K-12 education., in line with local culture and aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Jad has opted to establish a long-term strategic partnership with Marshall Cavendish, a company specializing in curriculum development since 1968, and has gained extensive expertise; thus, becoming the exclusive provider for the Singaporean government of mathematics and science curricula. Marshall also works on the development of other subject areas, especially English as a second language, earning the trust of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) to become their fourth and final accredited partner for the Cambridge Assessment Board, affiliated with the University of Cambridge, thanks to Marshall's distinguished experience in developing science and mathematics curricula, as well as its expertise in delivering English as a second language education while considering the cultural sensitivity and local values of Eastern societies in Asia and other parts of the world.

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We develop international curricula and instructional and training guides that provide high knowledge value, accompanying individuals from early childhood through different stages of education and even their professional development.

During the development of educational curricula, Jad Scientific Publishing focused on aligning these curricula with teaching requirements and common global standards in curriculum development, such as the CCSS and Cambridge International Education. At the same time, Jad considered the social and cultural needs of local communities.

Jad has partnered with Marshall Cavendish to develop global English-language curricula for the Middle East, North Africa, and immigrant communities worldwide, including:

Mathematics Curriculum


English Curriculum


Science Curriculum


These adaptable curricula have several distinguishing features, including:

  • Alignment with international education standards, including CCSS, NGSS, and CAIE;
  • Consideration of language proficiency levels for English language learners;
  • Sensitivity to the cultural context of local communities;
  • Curricula supported by electronic platforms, applications, and student and teacher accounts;
  • Provision of training on curricula and modern teaching methods;
  • Technical support for platforms and school accounts throughout the academic year; and
  • Competitiveness in terms of quality and pricing with other global curricula.

Jad collaborates with international companies specialized in the STEAM methodology and stands out in creating STEAM-related projects. The STEAM methodology aligns with the provided curricula, offering STEAM activities that provide the necessary experiments to master the educational skills outlined in the curriculum. Jad offers four main services:

Curriculum development

Laboratories and workshops

Tools and equipment; and

Supportive activities

  • The curriculum lays the foundation for learning in early childhood education, responding to the latest academic trends in developing learning methods for early stages. It also aligns with the focus of education ministries on early childhood education by providing advanced educational curricula that meet the requirements of the modern era and technological developments, aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, Jad has built specialized content for early childhood education, integrating STEAM skills and aligning with the NGSS standard.
  • The Early Childhood Curriculum project, integrated with STEAM skills, responds to the need for modern interactive education for children from an early age. Children learn through experience and small projects in an engaging fun environment.
  • This curriculum is designed for the early childhood age group, from the third year to the sixth year. Through this curriculum, students learn the required skills through practical applications and projects that integrate learning requirements in language, mathematics, science, and arts subjects.

To maximize the impact of the developed curricula, Al-Rawad Group, in collaboration with its strategic partner Marshall Cavendish International, has developed several educational platforms and applications:

  • Curriculum-Related Platforms: These platforms are primarily focused on the curriculum elements. It provides teachers and students with the ability to communicate, deliver remote learning, and utilize supplementary resources in the form of explanatory materials, videos, and links to educational resources. The MCEduHub platform supports all the curricula offered by (MCEduHub) Cavendish International, as well as joint curricula developed through partnerships such as with JAD.
  • Supportive Assessment and Learning Applications:These subject-specific applications assess student performance using AI software and determine their academic level based on grade levels. Using the collected feedback, the software provides advanced solutions or progressive remediation to help students reach the desired level by providing them with tailored suggestions. These platforms interact with students individually, ensuring that all students eventually reach the same level. Examples include:
    • Scribo: An application that is developed based on scientific research and that interacts with students to develop their written language skills. It provides appropriate suggestions and solutions to enhance English writing skills. The Applications helps students form an idea and on which details are built to finalize a correct writing form every time.
    • Cerebry: An AI-based application that focuses on developing students' math skills based on individual performance. It offers progressive solutions to address weaknesses in specific math skills and provides challenging tasks for high-achieving students to advance their math proficiency.

JAD specializes in designing, building, and producing educational and training guides and conducting specialized studies and scientific research while considering professional development and career growth objectives. It follows a Jad Content Building Methodology which were developed after comprehensive study of a wire array of global theories and experiences in building and designing training materials and curricula. Their approach is based on accumulated experiences gained by Arrowad Group in training, education, change, and professional development. Jad provides services and carries out tasks in a systematic and sequential manner to achieve planned outcomes and results.

The development of training programs and curricula is based on a combination of international theories and experiences, emphasizing on "creating impact." It is guided by three main integrated pillars:

  • Learner-Centered Design
  • Impact-Oriented Design; and
  • Content Alignment with the latest research.
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