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We provide tailored economic and financial services to clients in the government and private sectors and investors. Our services focus on analyzing the macroeconomic conditions and evaluating relevant policies and measures by means of economic models and data analysis to provide forecasts about the future of the economy and estimate the resulting impacts of changes.


We employ our expertise, tools, and diverse methodologies, along with the expertise of our partners in the economic and financial field, to assist decision-makers in making sound economic, financial, and investment decisions that achieve their goals.

We offer consulting services and studies to build dynamic multi-sector general equilibrium models that measure the economic impact of projects and their contribution to the national economy using advanced programs, economic modeling, and data management. We provide these services to enhance the analytical and quantitative capabilities of our clients in order to assess the impact on the macroeconomy and sectors and measure the economic effects of projects at both the macro and sectoral levels. We provide indicators of impact on variables in the macroeconomy, such as impact on value-added, gross domestic product, balance of payments, local content, finding job opportunities and localization, government budget, aggregate demand, investment, exports and imports and so on.

We work with our allies to provide sustainable value to our clients by developing economic equilibrium models, while promoting a Kaizen culture of sustained excellence and moving our clients towards becoming winning organizations. The goal is to measure the economic impact of projects and national policies by providing indicators on variables in the macroeconomy that can be integrated into a unified framework.

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We use a range of methodologies and tools to study and analyze the economic environment, including:

  1. Economic models: We use mathematical and statistical models to understand and illustrate the relationships between different economic variables. These models help predict the impact of changes in economic policies (taxes, government support, investment, interest rates, fees and tariffs, energy and service pricing, foreign trade policies, labor market legislation, etc.) and understand the factors influencing growth, inflation, and unemployment.
  2. Economic data analysis: : We collect and analyze various economic data to evaluate economic performance and identify potential investment opportunities.
  3. Market and competition analysis: We analyze the competitive environment and its impact on companies, industries, and the macroeconomy to understand competition, identify opportunities, and assess emerging threats.
  4. Project and investment evaluation: We employ dynamic multi-sector general equilibrium models to measure the economic impact of projects and investments, to enhance their feasibility and financial indicators such as internal rate of return, payback period, etc.
  5. Economic Predictions: We work with top-tier partners to provide economic forecasting services to analysts and investors, thus helping them understand the future trends and expectations of various economic factors using techniques such as time series analysis and advanced modeling to predict economic and market developments.

How We Can Help?

We help our clients develop and improve their economic policies, provide support in reviewing and analyzing current policies and innovate new solutions to address complex economic challenges. We work to align our clients' policies with global standards and modern trends. Our services provide appropriate recommendations based on accurate analysis and deep knowledge of the local and global economic context. We strive to achieve sustainable success for our clients by enhancing their competitiveness and achieving their economic goals.
We develop economic models such as general equilibrium models and social accountability matrices at the local and regional levels to provide realistic representations of the economy including relationships between all factors, activities and markets. Subsequently, this provides an insight into the implications of changes in the economic environment to assess impacts, plan for scenarios and conduct analysis.

We help our clients improve financial and economic resource management policies and procedures, such as pricing, fees and expenditure policies, with the aim of enhancing efficiency, financial sustainability, and ensuring sustainable development. Some key aspects of policy development include:

  • Fee Policies: Determining the levels of imposed fees, including improving the tax structure and simplifying the tax system to achieve fairness and promote economic growth.
  • Expenditure Policies: Directing financial resources effectively and efficiently in a way that achieves economic and social objectives, such as investing in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and social care.
  • Borrowing and Debt Policies: Guiding and managing debt levels in a way that does not hinder growth or burden the budget.
  • Monetary Policies: Regulating credit operations to achieve economic stability, control inflation, and promote employment and growth through balanced models to measure the direct and indirect effects resulting from policy changes on the economy in the short, medium, and long term; racking the extent and channels of change in policies and exploring the effects of external shocks (such as changes in global prices, exchange rate fluctuations, external demand, etc.), and changes in local policies.
  • Development of expert-driven financial and economic policies and in-depth studies to ensure informed and effective decision-making.

We assist public and private sector institutions in developing and enhancing economic strategic plans based on the overall vision of the state or respective institutions. This includes identifying key opportunities and challenges, developing innovative strategies that align with national and international conditions, and providing balanced plans based on available resources and institutional commitments. We rely on market research and knowledge of economic and social developments. We also provide consultancy on plan implementation, result evaluation and performance improvement.

We help our clients identify the strengths and risks associated with investment opportunities based on deep market knowledge and accurate data analysis. We provide evidence-based and analytical investment recommendations to help them understand the financial and economic impact, such as project feasibility, return on investment expectations, associated risks, and other recent factors, including the calculation of the social return on investment (Social Impact Investment) and the assessment and management of potential positive or negative social impacts.

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