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Research and Studies

We carry out research and studies using scientific and practical methodologies in areas that add value and have a strong long-term impact, supporting institutional decision-making.


We employ a structured methodology for collecting and analysing information and data to acquire knowledge and understand solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. The methodology includes operations, methods and procedures to answer client’s questions and test hypotheses. Our research and studies provide findings that enable the client to enhance their understanding of their current situation on the basis of an evidence-based vision. Research can be conducted in a variety of fields.

تعرفوا على قصص شركائنا الفريدة في البحوث والدراسات

How can we help?

We use an organized approach, including identifying research challenges (client problems, challenges, and needs), designing the research methodology, collecting and analysing data, and extracting results to support institutional decision-making, improve practices, and develop knowledge in their field of work.

We provide descriptive research services (identifying patterns or trends related to the institution), correlational research (identifying relationships between variables that impact the institution's performance and future), experimental research (addressing cause-and-effect relationships related to the institution's work), cross-sectional research (collecting and analysing institutional data at a single point in time), longitudinal research (collecting and analysing institutional data over a long period of time), and case study research (in-depth analyses to explore complex phenomena impacting the institution's results and future).

We conduct experiments, measurements, statistical analysis, and scientific theory in social, economic, and technological areas to develop authentic measurement frameworks that help our clients and government entities build continuous improvement systems for their services and products. Examples include developing a framework for measuring e-government maturity, a framework for measuring the social return on investment, a framework for measuring organizational excellence levels, and a national framework for measuring maturity of the digital experiment.

We support institutions in setting goals and actions to be taken to achieve these goals through strategic plans in the short and long term. These plans guide major decisions. We develop operational plans to identify the activities that the institution should implement to achieve its goals. To develop effective plans, we analyse the external and internal environment and identify the optimal path to achieve the goals. These plans include defining the vision, mission, operational plans, tasks, projects, responsibilities, resources, and timelines. Finally, we assist our clients in continuously updating their plans to ensure they accommodate the challenges and new opportunities facing the institution.

We establish continuous processes aimed at improving the performance of institutions and enhancing their organizational and managerial capabilities. These processes include analysing and evaluating the current performance of the institution, identifying aspects that need improvement to drive institutional performance and increase productivity and efficiency, improving the quality of services provided to customers and increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing the organizational and managerial capabilities of the institution to effectively achieve its goals, improving the work environment and enhancing the employee experience while motivating them to achieve the goals, and ensuring alignment with external changes and keeping up with new developments.

We establish integrated frameworks to achieve excellence and improve performance in institutions, aiming for effectiveness, efficiency, quality, speed, flexibility, innovation, and improving relationships with customers, partners, and the community. Our services include building systems for institutional excellence and continuous improvement using Kaizen tools such as quality management, continuous improvement management models (PDCA), Six Sigma, etc. We use these tools to improve institutional processes, enhance the quality of products and services provided by the institution, improve the customer experience, and increase operational efficiency based on national and international standards, such as the King Abdulaziz Quality Award model and the EFQM model.

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