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Institutional Excellence

Establishing systems of excellence and continuous improvement in productivity, performance levels, and expense optimization within organizations.


We aim to localize and integrate Japanese Kaizen methodologies and techniques with Saudi Arabian values and culture to promote a culture of improvement in organizations to achieve results and to establish improvement systems that involve everyone in an organized improvement approach implemented daily and throughout the organization. We utilize dozens of proven tools and techniques in both the public and private sectors, seeking to transfer and localize knowledge, and build a local workforce capable of enhancing the performance of their institutions with strength and integrity.

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Pioneers System for Institutional Excellence (ASIX™)

When applied, our methodology lays the foundations for building and disseminating a culture of continuous improvement to drive growth rates, upgrade management systems, and motivate work teams. The methodology can be implemented in any organization, regardless of its size or activity, and at any time, to transform the professional culture and begin working in a Kaizen manner.

We use a comprehensive approach to implement the Pioneers System for Institutional Excellence (ASIX ™) in organizations of all types and sizes. Firstly, we review the organization's charter and strategy, applying the Hansei process for reflecting on current performance and determining how the organization will appear when its strategy succeeds. Next, we map out breakthrough goal projects, develop a maturity assessment framework in the areas of institutional excellence, prioritize tasks, divide them into rounds for sequential execution, and apply a maturity assessment framework at the end of each round to depict the maturity of the culture of excellence in the organization. And to ensure continuous progress towards achieving the goal, we establish a framework for monitoring implementation and apply a standardized methodology to measure the organization's success in achieving the outcomes of action plans and necessary corrective actions. Finally, we lay the foundations and enable continuous improvement by applying the Triple Change Model as a basis for achieving results in models of excellence and innovation.

How can we help?

We apply the Japanese Kaizen philosophy in workplaces to transform into agile organizations. Its culture achieves goals and overcomes obstacles through teamwork and leading by example, making continuous improvement an integral part of the organization's activities.

  • We provide the Kaizen methodology in planning and executing strategies to develop Kaizen habits and skills among senior management teams in key focus areas for leaders, namely setting direction and shaping the path. We work to support leadership in the journey of institutional excellence and continuous improvement by providing a new management system and different ways of working to instill agility (Lean) in the organization.
  • We use the Kaizen methodology in planning and executing strategies to define goals, objectives, actions, business plans, and establish performance indicators. We employ mechanisms for change management, develop and deploy successive Hoshin plans to execute the strategy, identify priorities and breakthrough objectives, review and audit Hoshin plans. All of this is aimed at bringing the organization's performance to the level of agility (Agile Organization), while simultaneously achieving strategic goals and objectives.
  • We develop governance frameworks, standards, guidance, institutional structures, operational models, and performance indicators, aligning them with the plan and strategic goals.
  • We assist our clients in defining the path of growth and expansion, along with future goals to be achieved in the short, medium, and long term. This involves identifying the available resources for the organization, including financial, human, and technological resources. We establish key processes that must be implemented to achieve specific goals, detailing how they should be executed. We also identify customer requirements that must be met to ensure success and goal achievement. Additionally, we identify potential risks that could impact goal achievement and outline how to manage these risks. We prepare a detailed action plan that encompasses all processes, resources, specific goals, customer requirements, and potential risks. We develop a plan for monitoring process execution, measuring performance, and adjusting to ensure effective goal achievement.
  • We offer Business Process Reengineering (BPR) services to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance product or service quality, ultimately saving time and effort while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Our BPR services begin with identifying the improvement goals, followed by data collection and analysis, identification of problems and improvement opportunities, design of the optimized process, implementation of changes, and evaluation of results.
  • We provide these services across various sectors, including manufacturing, services, healthcare, marketing, human resources, and more.

Training and capacity building are achieved through the implementation of various experiential learning methods, such as personal coaching and Value Stream Workshops. We organize field visits for executives to observe, learn, and explore best practices by applying Japanese Kaizen methodologies and techniques. Personal guidance is provided by specialized trainers and experts in various fields.

  • Building the capacities of organizations and establishing systems for institutional excellence, preparing them to obtain local and international quality certifications. We assist organizations in implementing local and international frameworks to improve performance and achieve comprehensive quality in all aspects.
  • Among these frameworks are the King Abdulaziz Quality Award (KAQA) and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model.
  • • In our services, we focus on supporting our clients in standards related to leadership and strategy, employees, partners, processes, and results related to employees, customers, and the community.
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